Issue of Trust Issue of Trust by Lorie O'Clare

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This was a good book, up to a point. THe suspense was good. You never could quite figure out until the end who exactly Hunter was. That made for a very interesting intriquing read. I loved her son Alex. He was just a great kid and he offered a lot to various conversations between all the characters in the book. Jennifer/Joanna I liked her until the end and then just felt that ultimately, all of her issues that were BIG issues she just decided, oh, oh well its ok, and it shouldn't have been.

Heidi, I didn't really get what her purpose was. I mean I do she needed somebody to connect to but in the end her story was not wrapped up so I don't see why it was included.

The book had good suspense but the end seemed off and left me wanting a little more. It will not prevent me from reading other titles from this author.

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