The Seeking Kiss (Midnight Playground, #1) The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley

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I will say I was a little concerned because it is a shorter story than I am used to but right off the bat I knew it was going to be good. When she first goes into the club the whole story becomes extremely erotic. The author did an AMAZING job blending the mental abilities with the physical sensations they experienced when together. The sex in the club was fantastic but nothing in comparison to outside of it. This was a GREAT start to a series that I will have on auto buy, because I can't resist a good vampire story.

Hex was an awesome character. Alpha but compassionate at the same time and that is kind of hard to pull of but was done beautifully here.

Aleron 100% Alpha, he was caring but you could tell that not only was he in charge persay but that also made him feel older.

Nissa-was confident in what she wanted at times she seemed to waver or be confused and that kind of threw me just a bit. It didn't seem to fit.


I do not usually put anything in a review that has already been stated in the description or that will give anything away about the story....but I just had to say that at the end of the story I was very sad for Aleron. I had really grown to like his character by the end. I did not expect the ending that I got. It wasn't bad just not what I expected..

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