Stacey Espino

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OK. I am giving this book 4 stars for one reason only. The sex was freakin hot. Ms. Espino, you can write sex like nobody's business. Menage sex especially. I love to read menage stories, they are one of my favorites. Everybody has something to do and something accomplish in the story. This book was not like that in any way. This is where some people may lynch me to no end but here goes anyway. I felt Grace was a whore. It would have been different if she didn't mow through all of those guys but she did. Just for sake of having sex. I just can't wrap my head around that. I can see maybe Trevor and Scot but the rest of them I just don't get. AT ALL. I really felt bad for Mr. Wagner. I mean I guess I understand the point of him being in the story but maybe not in the manner in which he was. As it was I didn't see he purpose and what exactly was so imposing about him when he showed up to pick Grace up. I also think Scot as a leading man was not man enough. Instead of fighting for what he wanted he stayed home having a pity party. Put on your big boy pants and go for what you really want.

Like I said Ms. Espino's writing was fantastic. I didn't like some of the characters, but the concept was good. I would still consider reading other books of hers just because I think she has potential to just get better and better.....

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