What happened to ethics?  Responsibility of self?  I mean really.  Here lately there seems to be an overwhelming lack of it amongst submissive females.  Just because I choose to have a poly lifestyle does not mean that everything is fair game.  That does not mean swinging.  It means that I have determined that being able to love more than one person for the same or equally different reasons is ok to me.  That does not mean that I am due any less respect than the next person. 

Also when you screw up, own it.  It is yours hook line and sinker.  Don't pretend to be the victim when I don't just roll over and say....oh its ok, I understand.  No.  More often than not I will tell you exactly what you don't want to hear.  What is gained by not doing this?  Nothing.  It is not my job to try and fix your mistake. 

Acting with respect, and integrity with regards to other people and how they feel and how your actions affect them is important.  That doesn't mean you can't do what you want.  Don't get me wrong.   It just means when the crap hits the fan don't be surprised by it. 


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