Jonas (Blood and Sex #2)

I was conflicted after the first book on how I felt about Jonas but man Ms. Cameron delivered a breathtakingly erotic male lead in Jonas. The set up at the end of the first book was a great start to this one. Jonas himself is conflicted about his feelings for Tori and now his formal relationship with his friend Michael. That really showed through out the book.

El was a good female lead, she didn't blow me over like Tori did but she was solid. What really did it for me and this book is Jonas's alter persona Luciano. I loved it when he came out to play. His interaction with El was hot and erotic. I LOVED the way the two personas blended with each other towards the end. I also liked El as a whole a lot better towards the end.

I only have two things that I wish would have been expanded on that was mentioned in the book. The first was the tense situation with Jonas, Michael and Tori towards the beginning of the book. The second was towards the end of the book were Jonas had to face his punishment and how that "should" have effected Tori.

So far I am loving this series and I can't wait to read the next one!


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