You know.  I am really not a confrontational kind of person.  Honest I'm not.  One thing I have noticed lately is that people seriously think they can say or do whatever it is they want and not worry about the consequences of those actions. 

Here are a couple of questions for you?

1.  What makes you so special that you can be so condesending?

2.  Are you really so unhappy that you have spread that nasty mentality around to others?

3.  Do you need step by step instructions on how you can bend over and kiss my (as my friend Havan would say)  Assets?

I am done dealing with closed minded hating people.  Get a new hobby....Get a life....Get over your sorry excuse of exsistance you call your life....and do something productive.

I know they say you can't fix stupid...not even with duct tape or even a baseball bat for that matter....but that doesn't mean it won't still amuse me to no end.  Ready to play? 


Uh-oh.... sounds like someone has pissed off Red...... never a good idea
I agree with you 100% totally..... Why do people like that have to spread their misery around? What makes them so special that they get to do that to unsuspecting and innocent bystanders?

There's seem to be alot of that going around lately...haters that want everyone as miserable as they are; to bring you down and make them feel superior. I call them SIPs...Self Important People. They have to constantly draw attention to themselves, remind everyone and their mother WHO they are, announce their greatness repeatedly.

Ummm, excuse me? Shouldn't your said greatness speak for itself? They are nauseatingly fake and I am over them.

Sorry, Red...I think I want to kick some ass too. :)

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