Ok.  I have to say that I am not known for my patience.  When I do something I go all out.  I just can't help it.  Go big or go home that kind of thing.  That being said when I decided to do the whole get in shape thing.  Yes I know round is a shape, but RED can not be round.  Red is spunky.  Anywho.  My whole determining factor on this journey was I saw all these people who looked freaking awesome.  So naturally being the WOMAN that I am and the spunky little snot that I am I was like if they can do it I know I can because thats how I roll.

So in the midst of all this not only did I find my inner Rock Star jammin out I started a new business as well.  I can't help but want to make other people find that inner happy with themselves and just being them!  To finally have that feeling is really like a drug and you just want to GIVE it out. LOL.

So in that little moment of hot damn I am a ROCK STAR moment TEAM UNDEFINED was born.  It is something so close to my heart.  I have always been different from the norm and now I know its ok.  So my group got that name for that reason!  

I choose to be undefined because once you define yourself.  You have set a limit on yourself.  You are what you are and you can't be any other.  So I forgo that definition or defining moment if you will.  

I am hoping that this year will hold great things for my business.  I am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait.  

For anybody who reads my personal space (here) I will try not to do to much in regards to my business cause I have a business page for that  www.teamundefined.com (shameless self promotion there)  
But sometimes you just need to write it out.  

I am putting some finishing touches on some erotic writing that I have done and I guess I am a little worried people may get a little offended by it.....but I THINK IT ROCKS!!!  I love my smut.....he he he


Patience? What is patience??? This is something I do not have... should I have some?

I am going to go check out your website and see what Team Undefined is all about.

Have a great day Red!

*ding ding ding* *pow went the lightbulb* How funny am I..... Ok, visited your website, which looks awesome BTW, and clicked on the follow me on facebook..... Now things makes sense! *DOH* *smacks self in the head*


I hope you plan on sharing these pics, missy! I wanna see your hotness all decked out. ;)

love you!!!!!

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