As many of you know I am a corset freak.  I can't seem to get enough of them.  Good, bad or indifferent your call.  I have several things going on right now that I am working I am trying to launch my new business, two, I am in the middle of some serious transformation.....physically, emotionally and mentally.  I am excited about all!!!!!   

My first prize for reaching my first mini goal in the physical transformation is this lovely little jewel.....

this lovely little pretty comes from Hips and Curves  So anybody that happens to come across said ramblings here.....I could really use some stern talking to and some motivation to help stay on track......I am thinking maybe goal number two.....should be the skirt....its kinda bitchin too!!!  Whatcha think?


Hey Red!

Oh, well, I wasn't expecting that! LOL! I definitely think it is a great idea to reward yourself with the corset, it is gorgeous! Definitely go for the skirt as your next reward. It is gorgeous too and perfect for the corset.
Good luck on reaching your goals! I will follow along and cheer you on.
Have a wonderful New Year Red!

Ok, one more, How do you get the nifty pages for your comments box? Is it part of the theme or something separate?

Whatcha mean? the pages for my comment box? whats it do?

Hey! I love corsets too! Who knew! We can go buy some together. I have 4 or 5 myself.

I really like this kind of style:

That's a handmade one but I love love love love love the flared hips aspect which lends that unrreal hourglass look. I wish I could find one and wear it and not get stared at like a freak......

Red, your comment boxes are neat... they look like ripped off pages from a notebook, and I just like the way they look.

oh cool...I didn't realize I guess....I haven't really ever gotten any comments....LOL

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