As many of you know I am a corset freak.  I can't seem to get enough of them.  Good, bad or indifferent your call.  I have several things going on right now that I am working I am trying to launch my new business, two, I am in the middle of some serious transformation.....physically, emotionally and mentally.  I am excited about all!!!!!   

My first prize for reaching my first mini goal in the physical transformation is this lovely little jewel.....

this lovely little pretty comes from Hips and Curves  So anybody that happens to come across said ramblings here.....I could really use some stern talking to and some motivation to help stay on track......I am thinking maybe goal number two.....should be the skirt....its kinda bitchin too!!!  Whatcha think?

As most of you can see I started this blog a long time ago and let it die a slow tragic death...or a fast painless death depending on how you look at it.  I have decided since I have finished my business site.  To bring this little puppy back up to life and just go go go!!!!  It will really help me keep my sanity.  Cause, in case you didn't know it I am slightly left of center!!!!

My philosophy:

Make no excuses for who you are! Be true to yourself! A best friend will encourage it, a lover will help you grow it, and family will love you in spite of it.

oh and a close second:

If you treat me like a dog remember this bitch bites back! 

Be warned!!!!  Its about to get a little crazy!!! 

When Kassia Lambert wakes in a warm bed, alive and intact, she can’t believe her good fortune. She should be dead, considering she was sent head first into brick and mortar. So why isn’t she?

Lycae Adam Trevlian has waited three long years to claim his mate, a human that battles for the Thymeria vampires. After he saves her life, he brings her with him, intent on doing just that. But betrayal and heartbreak is hard to overcome, and even with the kiss of the moon on his side, Adam knows Kassia may or may not forgive his past actions.
My thoughts:
As a werewolf book this was a pretty hot read. I must say that I am not usually a fan of short stories. I like background and depth and the author usually mucks it up. I was pleasantly surprised. J.A. Saare writes beautifully. I really can't wait to read more. While there is not a whole lot of detail in regards to the couple itself I really think they could get another full length book to really flesh them out as a couple and Kass as a newly turned Wolf. Plus Adam....I would love to read more about Adam.....he is too hot for words. I for one would love to read some more of Mrs. Saare's Wolfy love! If you like erotica and you like werewolves, then you should give it a go! Just remember it is a short story!!!!
So what are some of your favorite Shifter books?

If you really want to know, just ask!

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